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Addressing A Couple Of Routine Plumbing Issues

A home's plumbing system is something that many homeowners have little knowledge about. Unfortunately, this lack of experience can make several routine problems seem mysterious and daunting. However, you can combat some of these issues with confidence by understanding how to correct a rumbling water heater and addressing foul-smelling but rarely used drains. 

Is A Rumbling Sound From The Water Heater A Major Problem?

It is relatively common for an older water heater to develop a rumbling sound when it is active. These sounds can become extremely loud, which can be unnerving to homeowners. However, this is a common issue, and the solution to it does not require a professional. The water coming into your home contains small amounts of minerals and sediments, and as time passes, the substances can accumulate in your water heater. When it starts to fill with water, this can cause the banging sound that you may hear. 

To correct this problem, you should clean out the reservoir to the tank, and you can learn how to do this by consulting your owner's manual because it contains all of the steps necessary to complete this routine form of maintenance. You can eliminate having to do this task in the future by installing a filtration system on your home's primary water line. 

Why Do Unused Drains Develop Foul Odors?

If there are drains in your home that you do not use regularly, you may notice that they will start to develop extremely foul smelling odors. This problem results from gases and odors accumulating in the pipes. These gases will eventually escape through your drains, and this will cause the odor. 

Luckily, combating this issue is relatively simple. You can minimize this problem by ensuring that the pipes leading to the drain have recently had water flowing through them. When water passes through your pipes, it will force these gases and odors to flow out of the pipes rather than escaping through the drains. To enjoy these benefits, you will need to run the faucet at least once a week for a minute or two.

Plumbing problems can come in many different forms, and whether they stem from a foul smelling drain to a loud water heater, it is important for you to understand these issues. By learning what causes your water heater's rumbling sounds and how to correct rarely used foul smelling drains, you can help keep your home free of these minor plumbing nuisances. For more information, contact a company like A Absolute Plumbing & Heating.