Learning About Furnaces

Clean Out Your Gas Furnace's Condensate Line

If your gas furnace isn't heating your home up as quickly as it used to and you notice water underneath your unit, the condensate line needs to be cleaned out. Foreign materials can become stuck inside of the line, causing condensation to build up and spill out into your home. You can resolve this problem by following some simple steps.

Use The Following Materials 

  • towel
  • bucket
  • scrub brush
  • soapy water
  • tube brush
  • wet/dry vacuum cleaner
  • duct tape
  • flashlight
  • screwdriver

Empty And Clean The Condensate Pan

Disconnect the power to your furnace before beginning. Clean up the water that has spilled underneath the furnace to prevent water damage. Pull out the condensate pan that is located at the bottom of your unit. Empty the pan if it is full. Clean out this part with soapy water and a scrub brush. Follow up by rinsing it out with plain water. Replace the pan inside of your unit.

Clean Out The Line From Inside Your House

Disconnect the end of the condensate line that is attached to your furnace. Many models only require you to pull on the line to release it. If screws are holding it into place, loosen and remove them first. Place a bucket underneath the end of the line to collect any water that is trapped inside. Use a tube brush to loosen any debris that is stuck near the opening. Move the brush up and down to dislodge dirt and other foreign materials. If you are having trouble seeing into the line, shine a flashlight over the opening before you attempt to clean it.

Clean Out The End Of The Line That Is Outside

The other end of the condensate line will be located outside of your home, close to the ground. Use a tube brush to loosen any debris that is inside. After doing so, attach the hose from a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to the end of the line with a couple pieces of duct tape. Turn the vacuum cleaner on for a couple minutes to remove any other debris that is trapped inside of the line. 

Test The Furnace

Once all of the cleaning steps are complete, reattach the condensate line. Turn the power back on to your furnace and adjust the thermostat. If the problem has been resolved, you will feel warm air blowing out of the vents in your home and water will no longer appear on the floor near your furnace. Check the condensate line a couple times each year for blockages in order to keep your unit running the proper way. 

If you are still having issues, contact a local HVAC company, such as Allied Air Conditioning & Heating Corp, to see if they can help.