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Why The Expansion Tank On Your Boiler Is So Important

If you see water dripping near your boiler, it might be coming from the expansion tank. This tank is an important component of a boiler, and yours may need to be replaced. If the tank is bad, it will cause problems with the way your boiler works, and you may end up without any heat if you fail to get this part replaced.

What is an expansion tank?

An expansion tank is something you will find on every boiler. Its main role is to relieve pressure from hot water, and this is important because water expands as it heats up. When your boiler runs, it heats up the water in the closed system, which causes the expansion to occur.

Without an expansion tank, the pressure created from the expansion will have nowhere to go. This will cause water to leak from the expansion tank, or from another part of the boiler.

Every expansion tank contains a valve on the top of it, which is designed to allow water to exit the system if the pressure gets too high. This valve is also designed to allow air into the system when needed. This valve can also be used to remove air from a boiler system if there is a buildup in the pipes.

What happens if the tank is bad?

There are several problems that can occur when an expansion tank is not operating properly. The first problem is that it could allow too much water to exit the system. A boiler needs water to operate, and your boiler will stop producing heat if the water level gets too low.

The second issue that can happen is that your system may develop a buildup of pressure in it. If the expansion tank is preventing the pressure from leaving the system as needed, it will get trapped. If this happens, it could cause the system to explode because this air pressure needs to go somewhere.

When an expansion tank is bad, it should be replaced by a trained boiler repair company. They will test the tank to determine if it is bad, and this is done in several ways. The main way is by checking the air pressure in the system. If the air pressure is off, they will usually assume that the expansion tank is not functioning properly, and they will replace it.

For more information, contact a boiler repair company in your area.