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Why You Should Use A HEPA Air Filter In Your HVAC System

If you have forced-air heating and cooling, it's important to regularly change your air filter. Most homeowners do not do it at all, and if they do, they are replacing the filter with one that is cheap and inferior. A HEPA air filter is incredibly effective, removing 99.7% of airborne particles that are larger than .3 micron. To put some perspective on how small that is, a dust mite can range between 2-10 microns in size.

Having a HEPA air filter can increase the quality of air in your home by providing the following benefits.

Reduce The Risk of Diseases

When you are exposed to pollution in the air, it runs the risk of increasing your heart rate and elevating your blood pressure. It has the potential to cause a heart attack, stroke, or a coronary artery disease.

HEPA air filters have improved those health conditions in patients after only 2 weeks. It helped cause heart and lung inflammation to decrease, and caused an improvement in their heart's artery linings.

Allergy relief

The great thing about using a HEPA air filter is that it will remove the incredibly small airborne particles responsible for allergies. This includes:

  • Mold
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Bacteria
  • Smoke
  • Dander

Having a HEPA air filter in your home can help provide instant relief if you suffer from allergies related to any of these things. You will breathe easier inside your home, and sleep easier at night.

Ensure A Proper Installation

If you decide to get a HEPA air filter for your home, you will need to make sure your HVAC system is properly sealed so that it can work effectively. Since a HEPA filter can remove incredibly small airborne particles, having a leak in your return vents can take away from the benefits that a HEPA filter can provide. The air will flow through the air return vents, escape through the leak in the ductwork, and go back into the air before it makes it to the HEPA filter. You can have an HVAC technician home to your home and verify that all of your ductwork is sealed.

An HVAC technician can also verify if your furnace is strong enough to accommodate a HEPA air filter. Since the filters do such a great job at keeping airborne particles out of the air, your furnace will need a lot of force to push air through the filter so it can travel through your ductwork.

Now that you are aware of some benefits of using a HEPA air filter, you can decide if it is right for your home. Contact a local contractor, such as one from United Heating Cooling and Plumbing Inc, for further assistance.