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First Time Renter: 5 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Air Conditioning Bill This Summer

It is easy to run up an extremely expensive electric bill in the summer, especially if the area you live in gets really hot and you depend on your air conditioning system to stay cool. If you are renting your first apartment and are in charge of keeping the house cool and the electric bill low this summer, you'll want to try out these easy and classic tricks for keeping your house cool in the summertime. 

Keep Your House Warm When You Are Away

When you lived at home, you probably barely paid attention to what your parents did with the thermostat. However, in order to save on your heating costs now, you need to learn these classic tips. 

Just like you should let your house be a little cooler when you are not at home in order to save on energy costs, you should allow your house to be a little warmer when you are not at home. However, you don't want to let things get out of control, or it will spend all the energy you saved keeping your house warmer when you cool it down when you get home. 

Set your thermostat about five or six degrees higher than you would like the temperature to be when you are home. For example, if you like to keep your house at 72, set your thermostat 77 or 78 when you are not home. If you like to keep your house at 68, set your thermostat to 73 or 74 when you are not home. By keeping your house a little warmer, your air conditioning will not turn on as often during the day. However, you shouldn't set your thermostat more than about ten degrees above the level you are comfortable with; if you do this, it could take a long time for your house to cool off when you get home.

Let Your House Warm Up A Little At Night

Just like when you are away from home and you should turn your thermostat up, the same principle applies to sleeping. When you are sleeping, you don't need the house to be as cool. By turning your thermostat up one or two degrees, you'll still be able to sleep comfortably while reducing the strain on your air conditioning system.  However, if you find that even a slight temperature increase makes it uncomfortable to sleep, don't sacrifice the quality of your sleep for a few dollars in savings. 

Make Sure Your Ceiling Fan Is Set Up Right

If you have any ceiling fans in your house, make sure that you turn them on when you are in the room. Ceiling fans do not actually decrease the temperature of your home; rather, they send a nice little breeze throughout your room. That breeze may not make your house feel cooler, but it will make you feel cooler. 

In order to get the most out of your fan, make sure that it is turning counter-clockwise. A counter-clockwise motion will generate the type of cool air you need to feel relaxed while you are at home. 

Keep Your Cooking Light On The Heat

Next, you should do everything you can do reduce the amount of heat that you add to your house. Using your oven and stove on a daily basis can add a lot of heat to your house. During the summer months, try experimenting with other cooking methods.

Make salads and sandwiches that don't require any cooking. Try creating your own sushi. Use your slow cooker to prepare hot meals while keeping the heat down in your house. Get creative with your waffle iron and use it to create a few tasty treats. 

Try to use appliances that don't put out as much heat, such as your slow cooker, waffle iron, or electric griddle to cook with. Making a few changes to how you cook could actually reduce your summer cooling bill. 

Keep Your AC Vents Clean

Finally, if you really want to keep your house cool this summer and your bill low, make sure that you are taking care of your air conditioning system. Clean the filter in your air conditioning unit. Clean out the vents that run through your house, and make sure nothing is obstructing or blocking the airflow.

During the summer, when you are using your air conditioning system on an almost non-stop basis, you should clean the filter and the vents every couple of weeks. You may also need to completely replace the air filter in your system at least once during the warm weather season since they tend to only last about three months. By keeping your air conditioning system clean, it should run more effectively and save you a few dollars. 

By following all four of the classic tips listed above, you should be able to keep your electric bill under control while also enjoying a cool house. You'll find that once you know these simple tricks, they are easy to implement on a daily basis.

For further assistance, contact local professional HVAC contractors, such as those from Krewson-Sweeney Oil Inc.