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How To Make Your Own Trash Can Air Conditioner

If your air conditioning has gone out and it's going to be a while before you can get an HVAC technician to come out to repair your system, then you want to find a quick way to keep the house cool in the meantime. You can make an air conditioner that will do a great job of keeping a small to medium sized room cool. Follow the instructions below to make your own air conditioner.

Gather these supplies:

  • A clean plastic trash can with tight fitting lid
  • A fan smaller than the size of the trash can lid
  • A sharp knife or a reciprocating saw
  • A few large bags of ice
  • Duct tape
  • 3 3-inch pieces of PVC pipe cut to 6-inch length

Make your trash can air conditioner:

You want to begin by cutting a hole in the lid of the trash can. The hole should be about a half an inch smaller than the circumference of the fan. Set the fan on the hole so it will be blowing air into the trash can once the lid is put back in place. Duct tape around the fan to securely hold it in place.

Take your sharp knife or your reciprocating saw and cut three holes in one side of the trash can, around the middle of the can. These holes need to be the same circumference as the PVC pipes. Take the PVC pipes and duct tape one in each hole. You want the pipes to come out from the trash can at least a few inches.

Take your bags of ice and put them in the bottom of the trash can. It's easier for you to switch out the ice later if you just leave the ice sealed in the bags. You can also use frozen gallon jugs instead of bagged ice.

Put the lid (with the fan attached) on top of the trash can and make sure it seals tightly. If it doesn't then you can use a strip of duct tape around the edges to seal it in place. Plug the fan into the nearest outlet and turn the fan on.

You should immediately feel cool air coming out of the PVC pipes. To cool the room faster, shut the doors to the other rooms. This homemade air conditioner service should help you stay cool until the HVAC technician is able to come out and get yours repaired.