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How To Prepare An Outside Central Air Conditioner Unit For Winter

As with any home, you must provide maintenance to different areas as each season changes. Your air conditioner is one of the items that should be on the list. You don't want to have to think about this once the cold winter months are at the door. Therefore, winterizing the central air unit is essential. As part of the winter season, your air conditioner needs to be covered and wrapped also.

Prepare it for Protection

Clean the area surrounding your air conditioner. To prevent rust and clogging, clear all debris or clutter including bushes, sticks, leaves, and branches from around the unit for several feet in diameter. This will also eliminate the desire for animals to snuggle near the system and possible damage to the unit.

Cleaning the air conditioner with a hose will remove any dead bugs, bird droppings, dust, and dirt before you close down the unit for the winter months. However, be sure the unit is dry before it is covered.

Ways to Protect Your Air Conditioner

It is best to use a large piece of plywood or similar wood on top of the system. Use a large rock or brick to hold it in place. You can also use a large trash bag and seal it with duct tape. 

This will also eliminate snow, ice, or sleet from getting inside the air conditioner. Some companies provide a cover when the unit is installed. You can use a bungee cord or vinyl rope to hold the covers in place and prevent them from being blown away, in case of high winds.

You need to locate the circuit for the unit that is usually covered with a metal or plastic lid. You also need to open the lid and flip off the switch. You could also turn off the unit at the breaker box. This will stop the unit from engaging on warmer days during the winter. It can also prevent water from getting into the circuit and freezing.

You need to cut foam to fit the diameter and length of the pipes on the outside of the unit. This will protect them from harsh winter temperatures. Use duct tape to hold the foam securely around the pipe. 

It is best to check the air conditioning unit weekly to be sure all of the coverings are still in place. The main thing to remember if you want to be nice and cool next summer is to keep your air conditioning unit safe throughout the winter season.

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