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Getting The Most Out Of Your Air Conditioning System

It is always a nice feeling to come home in the hot summer and feel comfortable in your own home with the air conditioner running. During the hottest months, your air conditioner will run around 9 hours a day on average and will use 3,000 to 5,000 watts of power. Unless you are okay with spending a fortune on your air conditioning bill, it is crucial you maintain your unit properly in an effort to get the most out of it and keep your power bills as low as possible. Here are some tips for increasing the efficiency of your HVAC unit. 

Clean Your Air Ducts

On average, the air in your home will circulate through your air ducts between five and seven times every day. This means that any dirt, allergens, and debris in the air can get trapped in your ducts. There are three ways to clean your air ducts manually. You can use a mechanical brush, vacuum the ducts, or have a duct cleaning company air sweep the ducts. The air sweep method is the most effective at getting your ducts clean. It is possible that once the ducts are cleaned, you may see a difference in your allergies and costs of running your AC unit. 

Change Out Your Air Filter

There are primarily two types of air filters. You may choose disposable air filters or washable air filters. Disposable air filters are more costly, but they take less work to change. Experts suggest changing your air filters every 3 months at minimum in order to keep your air conditioning system running most efficiently. If your filter looks dirty before 3 months is up, you will want to change it sooner. When changing your air filter, it is essential that you make sure you have the right size. Too large of a filter and your unit will not be able to run properly. Too small of a filter and the unit will not be able to catch all the dirt and debris that comes through. 

Fix Any Leaks

Leaks can be very problematic for your system and your energy bill. The best way to detect a leak is by holding a lighted incense stick up to your ducts. If you see the smoke from the incense moving around, this is an indication that there is a leak. Ducts can lose up to 30% of airflow due to leaks. If the leak is large, you can use duct mastic to help seal it off, whereas small leaks may only require foil tape to completely seal off the leak. 

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