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How To Optimize The Function Of Your Condenser Coils

Your AC unit has two sets of coils. The evaporator coils are located on the inside of your house and absorb heat to cool the air in your house. The second set of coils, called the condenser coils, are located on the outside of your house and are responsible for cooling the refrigerant back down so that it is ready to absorb more heat from your house. Because these condenser coils are located on the outside of your house, they tend to sustain more abuse than the evaporator coils. You need to take specific steps to keep your coils working properly. 

Keep Plants Back

A fan pushes air over your coils to cool them down. Thus, airflow is critical to properly functioning coils. To preserve proper airflow, you need to keep plants back a couple of feet. If grasses, flowers, and shrubs grow right up next to or through your coils, they will choke off airflow and can even damage the coils. You can mow and trim grass, but you risk bumping into the coils with your mower or nicking them with a trimmer. In either case, the damage can create a leak, and then you have a serious repair on your hands. Putting down some weed mat and gravel will save you work by keeping plants back. 

Shade Your Coils

The hotter your coils get, the harder they have to work to cool the refrigerant running through them. Thus, if your coils are sitting in direct sunlight, not only will your coils take longer to cool your house back down, but they will also incur more wear than they have to. But if you build a shade screen to protect your coils, it can block airflow and thus defeat its purpose—improving the function of your coils. Instead, plant a tall tree with a large crown. The tree will be able to sit far enough back that it provides shade without blocking airflow. Furthermore, trees cool the air in your yard through the process of evapotranspiration, so your coils will have an ample volume of cool air to help them cool air down faster. 

Even taking the couple of steps described above will boost the function of your coils which will benefit you in two ways: (1) The better your coils function, the less you have to pay to keep your house cool, so you save money on your utility costs, and (2) The less your coils have to run, the less wear they sustain, so you save money on repair and maintenance costs. In any case, you should take care of your coils so they can take care of you. 

 For more information and assistance with maintenance or repair, contact an HVAC repair company, such as Comfort Pros.