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Get Your Air Conditioning Ready for Cold Weather: Preparing for Hibernation

If you live in a climate where you don't need your air conditioning throughout the winter months, it's time to prepare your air-conditioning system for hibernation. You should clean out your system, make sure the outdoor unit is covered properly, and make sure the air filters are changed. Getting your system ready for months of sitting idle will improve your chances of a having a great-working system when the weather gets hot again. While you will have to service your system before working it hard in the spring and summer, it's important to close your air-conditioning system down for the season.

Turn Off Your Unit

While you can turn off the air conditioning from the inside of your home, it's also important to turn off the air-conditioning unit outside. Lift up the panel that covers the electrical circuit and turn the switch off. When your unit is turned off, there is no risk of your unit turning on while it's covered, even if the weather gets hot for a few days.

Clean Your Air-Conditioning Unit

Your air conditioning unit can take a beating over the summer months. Bird droppings, sticks, leaves, and other yard debris can wreak havoc on your machine. Take the time to hose down your unit on the inside and out, allowing your unit to dry all of the way before you cover it for the winter.

Find a Good-Fitting Cover

When you live in an area with snow and ice, it is necessary to have a good-fitting cover for your outdoor air-conditioning unit. Once your unit is dry, secure the cover in place. Check on the cover a few times a month to make sure that your unit is still protected. A good cover will prevent snow and ice from getting into your machine and reduce your risk of internal corrosion. Use a rope to keep the cover in place so that it doesn't get blown off during inclement weather.

Remove Debris from Around the Unit

If there is yard debris such as leaves and sticks surrounding your unit, remove the material so that it doesn't get blown into your machine during the winter. Look around your unit after a big storm to make sure that debris hasn't damaged your unit. You will have to clean the area around your unit when you want to start using your air-conditioning system again when the spring rolls around.