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4 AC Problems And How To Identify Them

If you have central air conditioning for your home, chances are that it will break down at some point when you need it the most. The unit will need to be repaired, but it can be hard to tell what kind of repairs should be done to get it working again. Here are 4 potential problems and how to identify them

Motor Malfunctions

Have you ever seen ice droplets collecting on that hose running to your air conditioner? If so, it's an indication that you are having issues with the air conditioner's motor. If the motor is broken, it can cause ice and air to build up. Have a professional HVAC repair company come and fix the problem as soon as possible, because ignoring the problem can cause some serious issues. The motor could potentially break down for good and be beyond repair, or require the replacement of the whole condenser unit. Fixing the problem immediately will also result in an air conditioner that cools down your home quickly.

Dirty Filter

Is your air conditioning on, but you are not feeling any cold air coming out from your home's vents? This could be due to a dirty air filter. Fixing the problem is as simple as replacing the old filter with a brand new one, because it is so filled with dirt and debris that it is blocking airflow. The new filter will allow air to easily pass through once again.

Fuse Problem

You should understand that your air conditioner is on its own circuit in your home's fuse box, which is completely separate from the thermostat. You may have electricity running to the thermostat that lets you believe it is working, but no power is going to the air conditioner because the fuse has been tripped. If you feel like the air conditioning is not turning on when you use the thermostat, check the circuit breaker box for a potential tripped fuse.

Low Coolant Pressure

Look out for puddles that have formed near the pipes going to the condenser outside. If you see them, it could be from a coolant leak that is creating low pressure in the system. The system won't be able to cycle the coolant as well as a result, creating warmer air. Leaks need to be identified and fixed before more coolant can be added.

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