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Two Ways Oil Can Heat Your Home

If you are looking to replace your heating source with oil, you may be considering how oil can heat your home. While using oil to heat your home may sound complicated, it is actually quite similar to other common heating methods. Check out these two methods for using oil to heat your home.

1. Oil Furnace

An oil furnace is much like a furnace that runs on natural gas. It typically is a forced air system, but instead of using natural gas to power the furnace, you use oil. The oil heats the air, which is then pushed to different areas of your home. The benefit of an oil furnace is that it is extremely effective. In fact, it actually provides more heat per BTU than many other heating sources.  

You'll save money purchasing your oil furnace, but oil costs more than natural gas, and you need room for a tank as the oil isn't pumped into your home like natural gas. However, this also means you don't need to rely on the city to supply your heat. For example, some homes may not even have access to a natural gas line. Since you buy and store the oil yourself, you can use an oil furnace anywhere.  

2. Boiler

A boiler is another option for heating your home with oil. A boiler can actually be used with both water and oil. Regardless of the liquid, however, the boiler heats it and then pumps it through the house. Some boilers rely on radiators, such as in older apartment buildings. The benefit of radiators is you can heat rooms one at a time, so if you aren't using one, you don't waste energy.

Another option with a boiler is to have radiant floor heating. With radiant floor heating, you have coils in your floor. Hot oil runs through these coils to heat your floor. The heat naturally rises. An oil boiler costs about $3,000 to $6,500. However, you must also consider the cost of the radiators or radiant floor heating. Again, however, if you have an oil boiler, you'll need to supply the oil yourself. On the other hand, a water boiler simply uses the city water.

If you want to enjoy the benefits of oil heating, you have a few options to consider. If you would like more information regarding the safety and efficiency of oil heating, contact an oil heating system supplier in your area today or visit BUCKSFUEL.COM