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What To Look For With Boiler Maintenance

As with all things, prevention is worth an ounce of cure.  One  system that will operate most

effectively and efficiently, when properly maintained, is a boiler. There are a few indicators and actions that a boiler owner can look for when it comes to boiler maintenance.


One of the basic boiler maintenance items that will improve the effectiveness of the boiler's operation is to make sure that the vents are not obstructed.  It may seem obvious not to obstruct the vents, but if there is any item placed in front of the vents it will decrease the ability of the warm air to circulate. More subtly, but along the same lines, it is important that the vents be cleaned on a regular basis. This is due to the fact that vents that are clogged with debris can minimize the flow of the warm air.  Consequently, through a written or a digitally entered reminder, it is important to remind one's self about cleaning the vents and visibly checking the vents to make sure that air is free flowing.

Water Levels & Descaling

Because the boiler is used to heat water, it is important that the level of the water is checked on a regular basis.  This maintenance item should be performed in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendation. In addition to maintaining the level of water for optimum functionality, it can also be a negative safety issue if the proper level of water is not maintained. Another important aspect associated with the water is to make sure that there is no buildup of calcium or other minerals. Therefore, the boiler should be checked for any buildup of deposits on a regular basis and removed along with the scheduled descaling maintenance as suggested by the manufacturer.


Sometimes when things are working well there is a tendency to forget the routine aspects of maintaining a piece of equipment. One of those "no-brainer" maintenance checks should be to look for leaks associated with the operation of the boiler. Checking leaks is not only a maintenance and operational issue, but a safety issue as well. Therefore, if there is any leaking, it may indicate that some parts to prevent leakage are wearing down. Consequently, it is important to have a professional HVAC and plumbing expert, such as from Comfort Solutions Inc, perform a service call and check out the boiler with the intent of replacing and repairing any areas that are leaking.