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A New Air Conditioner May Change Your Lifestyle

Many people think of air conditioner as being like any other appliance. You need one, and as long as it does its job, you are in the clear. But because air conditioners regulate the climate in your home, they have more of an impact than you think. Here are a few ways your lifestyle may change when you get a new air conditioner.

1. You'll spend less on energy

Do you feel like your energy bills are eating you alive? Maybe you feel a sense of panic when an energy bill comes in the mail, or you get the monthly email. New air conditioners are known to use a lot less energy than older ones. Your energy bills should decrease significantly with the new unit, particularly during the months of June, July, and August when the air conditioner is working overtime to keep your home cool. You'll find that you have a little more money left at the end of the month, so you can live more comfortably. 

2. Your home will be more evenly cool

As air conditioners age, their cooling capacity often decreases somewhat. Some areas of your home will continue to cool nicely, but others might stay a bit warmer than you'd like. There's just not enough cool air to go around! With the new air conditioner, you'll experience more even cooling. So you won't have to choose between sweating away in the kitchen or shivering in the bedroom.

3. Your home may stay cleaner

If you do not do a great job of keeping your air conditioner clean and changing the filter every month -- which many homeowners don't -- your air conditioner itself tends to get dirty. That dirt ends up getting flung through your home through the ducts, making your home dusty and dirty. A new air conditioner will be a lot cleaner, and you can take steps to keep it clean. You should notice less dust, and you'll be able to spend less time cleaning.

4. Your air conditioner will run more quietly

You may not notice how loud your current air conditioner is until you get a new one and it's so much quieter. With a new, quieter unit, you won't get woken up at night when it turns on, and you won't have to talk loudly over the noise it makes. 

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