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2 Tips For Saving Money While Heating Your Home During Winter

During the cold winter months, you probably notice that your energy bills go through the roof while you try to keep your house warm. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to help minimize the energy drain from your furnace, helping you save money while still keeping your home comfortable during cold weather.

1.  Use Curtains Strategically

One way you can decrease the workload on your home's furnace is to start using your curtains strategically. Since windows can either help or hinder your furnaces efforts, knowing when to close them or keep them open can help decrease some of your energy costs when the temperatures dip below freezing.

During the day, take note of when the sun shines through which windows. Since the glass panes help concentrate the heat of the sun's rays as they pass through the windows, leaving your curtains open during these times of intense sunlight can help warm your home and decrease the time the heater is running.

At night, the temperatures are generally much colder, and the windows will allow this cold air into your home even if they are multi-pane, energy-efficient models. To add an extra layer of insulation, keep your curtains closed to keep the rooms warmer. 

2.  Replace Your Heater's Air Filter 

Proper air flow through your furnace is essential for keeping the system running efficiently. If the air is not allowed to flow without obstruction, the furnace has to work harder to force warm air throughout your home. This, in turn, leads to higher energy usage and higher bills.

One simple way you can help keep the air flowing through your furnace unhindered is to make sure you replace the filter on a regular basis. As dust, pollen, and dirt become trapped inside the filter's fibers, small obstructions are created. If you leave the same filter in the heater for more than a month or so, the accumulated debris can block a significant amount of air.

Get into the habit of changing the filter on the first of each month so that you do not forget to complete the task. However, if the weather is especially cold, causing the heater to run more, you may want to at least check the filter more often to ensure that it is not clogged up.

Along with the tips above, you should make sure that your furnace is properly maintained so that it does not suck energy while trying to operate. Consider contacting an HVAC contractor who offers residential heating maintenance services to have them inspect the furnace, repair any issues they may find, and discuss your options for keeping the heater running efficiently.