Learning About Furnaces

An Overview Of Home Heating Enhancements

If you want your home to be comfortable during the winter season, then you should not just rely on your conventional furnace. There are lots of enhancements you can use to aid your heating system in keeping your home warm and comfortable. Below is an overview of some of these enhancements.

Air Cleaners

Typical indoor air has contaminants such as dirt, pet dander, smoke, and chemical odors, among others. These contaminants can affect your household's health. For example, the contaminants might trigger allergic reactions in some people and trigger respiratory ailments in others. You can attach an air cleaner to your furnace so that, as the furnace warms up the air, the air cleaner traps the contaminants so that you can breathe in clean air. Although the furnace air filter also does the same job, the air clean is much more effective at it.

Zoning Systems

A traditional furnace or heating system heats the whole house to the same temperature, or at least tries to do that. This is inefficient on several levels. For example, different areas of the house have different temperatures; the warm areas need less heating than the cold ones. Additionally, different people prefer different room temperatures.

A zoning system splits the home into different zones and then heats each zone independently of the other. Each zone has a thermostat that can be independently controlled, as well as air dampers that open and close to increase or decrease warm airflow.

Humidifiers and Dehumidifiers

Both extremely low humidity and high humidity are not good for you. Depending on the humidity in your house, your skin may feel warm and clammy or dry out faster than it should. A humidifier raises the humidity when it falls too low. A dehumidifier lowers the humidity when it rises too much. The result is that you get to feel comfortable irrespective of the prevailing humidity.

Smart Thermostat

Another enhancement you can use is a smart thermostat. Such a thermostat has two main useful functions. First, you can program the thermostat so that it can keep your house cool or warm without further input from you or even go off at predetermined times. Secondly, the thermostat is connected to the internet so that you can control your heating system remotely.

The above are just a few of the enhancements you can use; your technician can tell you more about others. Before you improve your heating system, you need a technician to assess your existing system to determine areas that can benefit from improvements. For more information, contact local HVAC services like Laroc Refrigeration-Metal Division