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Do You Really Need Regular HVAC Inspections?

If your home has an HVAC, regular maintenance is a must. Maintenance keeps your system healthy and prevents any possible wear that can cause issues. HVAC inspections are an easy way to do maintenance on your HVAC. The following are some things you need to know.

Why Are Regular Inspections Necessary?

Inspections are advised by HVAC professionals at the start of each shift in the weather. At the beginning of spring and fall are ideal times for inspections. The goal is to clean out the system and identify any potential problems before they cause an outage when you least expect it.

Take a moment to check your warranty information. Your warranty may actually require that you schedule regular inspections for the HVAC system to remain under warranty.

What Happens in an HVAC Inspection?

The HVAC contractor will inspect the different components of the system. They will check for leaks and blockages in the lines. The contractor will check the condition of the fan and look for any rust or signs of wear on the different components of the system. The contractor also will make sure the blower access door has a good seal.

Additionally, your HVAC contractor will look at the condensate drain for blockages. If the contractor finds a blockage, it will be removed to prevent a problem later. The wiring, filters, and blower motor are also checked during an inspection. There could be additional checks your contractor will perform based on your specific system.

Can You Do Your Own Inspection?

While there are some things you can check yourself, such as the air filters, you should not do an inspection unless you are an HVAC contractor yourself. If you have no training in this area, you can take note of issues you think are present and tell the contractor when you schedule your inspection. You need a trained contractor to do the inspection and make any necessary repairs, particularly if your warranty requires it.

A healthy HVAC system is the best way to prevent problems. An inspection is the primary method for keeping the system healthy. There may be some underlying problems you cannot hear or see yourself, which can worsen as they linger and cause you more extensive repairs later. Do not avoid an HVAC inspection if your system is brand new. Just because the system is new does not mean something could not break or leak out of nowhere. To keep your system running efficiently and optimally, schedule your inspections a couple of times a year.

Contact an HVAC service to learn more.