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Furnace Not Keeping Your Home Warm? What The Problem Could Be And How To Fix It

If your furnace isn't keeping your home warm, it is going to be a problem, especially if the temperature outside is dropping. With the outside temperature dropping, the inside of your home may get even cooler, leaving you and your family too cold. This can also cause issues for the plumbing in your home if your pipes get too cold. If your furnace isn't keeping your home warm enough, read on for what the problem may be and how you can fix it yourself.

1. Clogged The Air Filter

The air filter on your HVAC system is key to your system working properly. If it is full of dander and dust, air won't get through to your system, and your furnace will just chug along working until it finally breaks down. The air filter should be changed every other month. If you've forgotten to change this air filter, your furnace could break down, which may be your problem now. Replace the air filter and then hit the reset button on your furnace to get it working again. 

2. Closed Or Dirty Air Vents

Your air vents should be kept open all over your home in order to allow the warm air to circulate around your home properly. If you have some vents closed, you're going to end up with cool areas in your home,which may lead you to believe that your furnace isn't working properly. Be sure to open up all of the vents in your home and clean them out as well, as clogged air vents can cause a problem with proper air flow as well. Vacuum the vents in each room and clean the vent covers around your home as well. 

3. Thermostat Isn't Set Properly

Take a close inspection of your thermostat and look to see that it is set to the heat setting. If it isn't, change it and adjust the temperature to see if this turns on your furnace. If your furnace kicks on, but your home just doesn't feel warm enough, adjust the temperature to something higher or lower so your furnace can keep up with the temperature and keep your home warm for you and your family. 

If your furnace isn't working properly and keeping your home warm, it could be a quick fix that you can handle on your own. If it is something more involved than what is listed above, call a professional HVAC technician for help with heating repair services.