Clean Out Your Gas Furnace's Condensate Line

If your gas furnace isn't heating your home up as quickly as it used to and you notice water underneath your unit, the condensate line needs to be cleaned out. Foreign materials can become stuck inside of the line, causing condensation to build up and spill out into your home. You can resolve this problem by following some simple steps. Use The Following Materials  towel bucket scrub brush soapy water tube brush wet/dry vacuum cleaner duct tape flashlight screwdriver Empty And Clean The Condensate Pan [Read More]

Addressing A Couple Of Routine Plumbing Issues

A home's plumbing system is something that many homeowners have little knowledge about. Unfortunately, this lack of experience can make several routine problems seem mysterious and daunting. However, you can combat some of these issues with confidence by understanding how to correct a rumbling water heater and addressing foul-smelling but rarely used drains.  Is A Rumbling Sound From The Water Heater A Major Problem? It is relatively common for an older water heater to develop a rumbling sound when it is active. [Read More]