Furnace Installation: 3 Factors That Determine Cost

Most homeowners do not factor in the cost of installation as they plan for a furnace replacement. It's important to consult with furnace installation services so you know how much to set aside for the entire project. So what are the factors that determine the cost of furnace installation? A furnace installation service that has been in the business for years is able to provide an accurate estimate.  When you understand furnace systems and what it takes to install each one, you have an easier time paying professionals for the job.

Five Things That Are Ruining Your AC

A fully functioning AC is a must for your comfort during the summer. Avoid making mistakes that could cause your AC unit to break down.  1. Blocked Air Returns The air returns are the vents in your home that take in air and recirculate it through the AC unit. Returns may look like regular vents, or they may be larger vents located on the walls or the floor. Blocking these reduces airflow into the AC, which can impact the cooling ability of the unit as well as put stress on the AC and increase the chances of a breakdown.